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Zhejiang Linshang clothes rack Co., Ltd., located at No. 163, Huashui North Road, Jiangbei Industrial Zone, Dongyang City, covers an area of 8500 square meters of wood. It has a building area of 168000 square meters, including workshops, warehouses, staff apartments, etc. it was founded in 1995. It is an automatic production enterprise specializing in the production of all kinds of plastic clothes racks, plastic pants racks, plastic hooks, suitcase handles  other disposable plastic products. Now it has plastic clothes racks  plastic clothes racks There are more than 5000 moulds for products such as material pants rack  plastic hook, 32 full-automatic injection molding machines,  more than one million hangers per day. It is a tax paying enterprise in Dongyang City, a civilized unit in Dongyang City, a private enterprise with integrity ……

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